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“You think of water when the well is dry.” -- African proverb

Despite – or maybe because of - growing up in the winter-y U.S. Northeast, Alison has largely focused her cameras on the wildlife, ecosystems, and cultures of Africa and Latin America. Ethiopia, with contrasting indigenous civilizations and ancient history, arid lowlands and lush highlands, has become a yearly destination for her since 2004. Alison became a conservation photographer in 1985 on her first trip to Kenya, and she has observed the degradation of protected areas and wildlife in 16 developing nations, both from the ground and from low-flying Cessna’s. In 1999 she helped the start-up of Kenya's Mara Conservancy and continues to document this paradigm of private, nongovernmental conservation.

In 2006 Alison founded No Water No Life ®, a project combining photography and science to raise pubic awareness of the vulnerability of freshwater resources. Ethiopia’s Omo and Blue Nile River Basins are two of the project’s six case-study watersheds. Her focus on these regions has resulted in a large library of Ethiopian imagery and in-depth understanding of the effects on Ethiopians of issues such as climate change, dams, pollution and deforestation.

When not photographing on dusty savannas or atop icy glaciers, Alison creates photo essays, lectures, fine-art portfolios and gives workshops on photography and the impact of her travels. To further understand the ecology of this planet, she recently enrolled in Columbia University's CERC Conservation Curriculum. Her most recent paper is “A Proposed Management Plan for Ethiopia's Nech Sar National Park,” based on lessons from Kenya's Mara Conservancy.

Alison‘s conservation photography represents 25 visits to Africa, photographic assignments for nonprofits in developing nations, and thousands of miles of aerial photography while copiloting single-engine planes. She creates itineraries for others interested in her conservation issues and guides safaris with themes such as “The Waters of Africa” and “No Water, No Life.”

The nonprofits Direct Relief, SEVA, LightHawk, TechnoServe, The Mara Conservancy, AmeriCares, and Save the Children are among her clients. Her publication credits include O-Oprah, BBC Wildlife, Esquire, Gourmet, Photographer's Forum, books, calendars TV and other media. She has lectured & exhibited extensively.

Bestowed with an Honorary Masters Degree in Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, Alison learned about 'connecting with a camera' at International Center of Photography and Maine Photographic Workshop. She is a member of North American Nature Photography Association, American Society of Media Photographers, The Explorers Club, TechnoServe, and a fellow of The International League of Conservation Photographers.

To learn more about Alison Jones and see more of her work, visit www.alisonjonesphoto.com




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